Online Blended Standard First Aid with Level C CPR/AED




HeartZAP Services online blended training programs successfully combine online multimedia instruction with instructor-led classes to offer the most effective training on the market for First Aid and CPR/AED Training. Blended learning combines online learning with an in-person skills session, which includes practice and an assessment.

HeartZAP Services Online Blended Standard First Aid with Level C CPR/AED covers the recognition and treatment of airway, breathing and cardiovascular emergencies. Training includes CPR and AED skills, management of choking, breathing and heart-related emergencies such as heart attack, stroke and cardiac arrest. Other first aid skills include management of severe bleeding, shock and fainting.

Course content:

  • Role Of The First Aider
  • A.C.T.
  • Emergency Scene Management
  • Shock, Unconsciousness And Fainting
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Head And Facial Injuries
  • Burns And Scalds
  • Electrical Injuries
  • Severe Bleeding
  • Special Wounds
  • Choking And Breathing Emergencies
  • Cardiovascular Emergencies And One-rescuer CPR (adult Casualty)
  • Automated External Defibrillation
  • Medical Emergencies (diabetes, Seizures And Epilepsy, Anaphylaxis) Secondary Survey
  • Trauma: musculoskeletal injuries, soft tissue injuries, head and facial injuries, chest injuries and eye injuries
  • Poisoning
  • Environmental Emergencies (Heat & Cold Emergencies)
  • Multiple Casualty Injury
  • Casualty transportation
  • Child CPR
  • Infant CPR
  • Two person option CPR

HeartZAP advantages:

  • Our courses maximize retention of the material through self-paced, multimedia instructions
  • Online CPR/AED and First Aid training courses available anywhere, anytime!
  • Easier to schedule hands-on skills classes: 4 hour skills versus 16 hour traditional course
  • Reduce first aid training cost by up to 60% - streamlined courses mean less time off the job!
  • Ensure standardized first aid/CPR/AED certification/recertification courses
  • Free Training Reports via MAESTRO™ Learning Management System
  • Includes Refresher and Recertification Training in First Aid and CPR/AED

Key Features:

  • HeartZAP Services online Blended programs has been approved by Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba worker safety insurance boards to date
  • 3-year certification
  • Immediate access to training and certification.
  • Accommodates individual learning styles and allows participants the ability to progress through the material at their own pace, and can stop, start and review sections based on their schedule
  • Courses include video excerpts and are fully audio enabled to allow participants to listen to the courses like an audiobook
  • Courses feature practice activities presented in scenarios to enhance the learning experience
  • Participants receive continuous feedback based on their answers throughout the course
  • Allows participants to access training at their convenience 24/7 from any computer or smart phone with internet access
  • Course participants are given access to the online content for a period of one year after certification and may log on as needed to reference content or refresh their knowledge

Online Session Details

The blended learning online session offers students a variety of elements to learn program content including videos, lesson narration and special features. In addition, interactive learning experiences include:

  • Drag-and-drop exercises
  • Question & Answer
  • Lesson review

Online course duration:

Standard First Aid w/Level C CPR/AED: 3 hours and 55 minutes includes online training, practice and testing modules.

In-Person Skills Session Details

  • Led by an certified instructor
  • Includes guided practice and scenarios
  • Question and Answer

To successfully complete a blended learning first aid and CPR/AED course, participant must:

  1. Successfully complete the final assessment in the online session and print the certificate of completion
  2. Attend and participate in the skill practice and assessment session within 90-days of completion of the online theory
  3. Demonstrate competency in all required in-person skills

In-Class Skills Session course duration:

Standard First Aid w/Level C CPR/AED: 4 hours


Upon successful completion of blended learning online and in-person skill session, course participants will receive the same three year certification as course participants of traditional classroom training.

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